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Tennessee State Library and Archives Continuing Education: Technical Services

Links of Interest

Troy Linker presentations

Troy Linker is Publisher for the American Library Association Publishing Department’s Digital Reference imprint. As Publisher, he manages the design, production, and marketing for digital reference products including the RDA Toolkit (on behalf of the RDA Co-Publishers) and ALA’s Guide to Reference. Troy’s involvement with RDA and AACR2 dates back to 1998 when he joined ALA Publishing as the Director of Publishing Technology.

First Thus, Cataloging podcast and blog

Cataloging Matters is  a series of podcasts about the future of libraries and cataloging, coming to you from the most beautiful, and the most romantic city in the world, Rome, Italy. My name is Jim Weinheimer.

Training and Resources for RDA

ALCTS You Tube Channel

Using ShareIt

With our transition from AGent to ShareIt, here are some useful step-by-step worksheets that may help you navigate the new interface.