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2019 Summer Reading - Space Theme - A Universe of Stories: Home

The Collaborative Summer Learning Program (CSLP) has chosen Space as the theme for the 2019 Summer Reading Program, and the slogan is "A Universe of Stories"

A Universe of Stories

Summer Reading Questions for Data Collection

Summer Reading Program Statistics


  1. How many Summer Reading program events did you hold?  ______________
  2. How many participants attended your Summer Reading Program events?
    1. Children (ages 0-12) __________
    2. Young Adults (ages 12-18)_________
    3. Adults __________
  3. How much money was provided in your budget for your Summer Reading Program? ________
  4. How much Summer Reading Program income did you receive from donations?________
  5. How much Summer Reading Program income did you receive from grants? ________
    1. Please list grant sources:____________________________________________
  6. Did you collaborate with community partners during your Summer Reading Program?
    1. Yes 
      1. (Please list partners) _________________________________________
    2. No
  7. Did you use the marketing tools provided by CSLP to advertise your Summer Reading Program? (This includes posters, the Public Service Announcement for radio & TN, banners, logos, etc.)
    1. Yes
    2. No

How to Access the Manual

Kate Smith, Youth Services & Special Projects Coordinator

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Kate Smith
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