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2018 TOP Grant

The Department of Economic and Community Development through the Tennessee State Library and Archives is pleased to provide a grant opportunity to public libraries in Tennessee for digital literacy.  This is the 2nd year for the Training Opportunities for the Public (TOP) grants, and we have a few changes:

  • The applicant is not limited to 12 classes
  • You may request up to $3,000.00 in hardware/software
  • Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are eligible
  • Marketing/Promotion funding is available

This grant runs from January 15, 2019 – January 14, 2020, and is available for instructor funds, hardware and software, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, and marketing.  There is a maximum of $20,000.00 that can be requested, and library systems can apply for funding for multiple facilities in their system.

What’s new about this grant?

  • Instructor Funds: we are not limiting the number of classes to 12.  The funding is $50.00 per training hour.  You will still be asked to train on the topics from the Standards, but you can have additional classes as well. Advanced classes are eligible as well, with increased funding per training hour for those trainers.  Please note: pre- and post-testing will be required.
  • Hardware/Software:  the maximum has increased to $3,000.00 per facility.
  • For this grant, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are eligible, up to 3 per facility.
  • There is also funding available for marketing and promotion!

The deadline to apply is September 10, 2018

If  you have any questions regarding the grant and eligibility, please let me know.

Jennifer Cowan-Henderson

Director of Planning and Development

State E-rate Coordinator for Public Libraries

Tennessee State Library and Archives

Office of Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett

403 7th Avenue North

Nashville, TN 37243

p 615-741-1923

f 615-532-9904

Order Tech Grant Items from State Contract


Look for the contract number that ends in 42772