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Holston River Regional Library: 2018 SRP: Libraries Rock

Libguide for the Libraries in the Holston River Region.

Geek Squad Academy

Now through Feb. 1st apply to host a summer learning

Geek Squad Academy at your library to help underserved youth,

10 - 18, build digital literacy skills. Learn more and apply:   


Books for you!

Dance to the Music

Early Literacy Resources for Encouraging Summer Reading

iPad Appls for learning Music

2018 Libraries Rock!

Libraries now have access to the online SRP manual. Instructions below.

Visit to create your account and get started.

2018 Summer Reading

2018 Summer Reading



Ideas for Musical Play

For this game, use scarves or shaker eggs if you have them—or pass balls, tissues, or small stuffed toys or figurines. Sit in a circle, put on some music (or start singing!), and pass the object around the circle on the beat. Start with the song’s “big beat” (macrobeat), then try to divide it into the “small beat” (microbeat) and pass twice as many times per song measure. Changing directions is a fun development!

A variation, especially for older children? Try to throw and catch a ball on the beat! If the music you're playing speeds up, it's a lot of fun—so choose wisely.

Dance in a Conga line to a favorite song. Try the Music Together song “Everybody Loves Saturday Night” or a popular song like “Shake Señora” (Harry Belafonte). After each refrain, choose a new leader and ask them to share a new way to dance during the verse.

Write down the names of some well-known songs on slips of paper and put them into a container. When it’s their turn, each person pulls a piece of paper and acts out the song so others can guess what it is. Try different groups of songs: Christmas carols, patriotic songs, Music Together tunes. This game is great for older children and mixed-age groups.

Turn on your child’s favorite playlist, get everyone dancing, and tell them to “Freeze!” when the music stops. Start and stop the music at different intervals. Older children will love being in charge of turning the music on and off!

Learning With Music Cantata Learning

Teen Video Challenge 2018

Gather up your local 13-18 year olds, tell them to pull out those smartphones, and encourage them to create a video promoting Summer Reading!

Teens have until February 12, 2018, to shoot a 30 to 90 second video promoting reading, libraries, and the 2018 CSLP slogan “Libraries Rock!” All eligible entries will be judged, and the winner will be sent to CSLP for libraries across the nation to use to promote their Summer Reading programs.

Intrigued???? Details may be found at 

PSSSTTT!!!!! Need inspiration? Check out previous years’ winners below.

Sing about Science & Math: Songs for teaching, Learning & Fun

Welcome to the "Wikipedia of science songs," covering the expanding universe of educational music since 2004! Whether you're looking for a new YouTube rap video about genomics or a decades-old song about the periodic table, you've come to the right page! For help with song searches, check out our video tutorial and/or the search tips below. Educators may also wish to read our blog post on incorporating the SAS&M database into your courses and/or our article in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (now freely available to all!).

Books with Playlists