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Holston River Regional Library: Insights & Outcomes

Libguide for the Libraries in the Holston River Region.

Facebook Insights

With Facebook Insights, you can analyze things such as audience statistics (age, gender, and time most active) as well as your post statistics (most liked, highest reach, and negative feedback).  Check out the link below to get started with Facebook Insights:

Twitter Analytics

For more information on Twitter Analytics, follow this link:

Insights into Social Media

Setting Goals

You can’t start evaluating success if you don’t have specific goals in mind by which to base your analysis from.  So, your first step is to define the goal. In other words, what is your library trying to achieve by having a social media page?

It could be many different things.  Below are a few to help you get started:

  • To increase engagment with patrons?
  • To see an increase in checkouts of a particular genre?
  • To increase event attendance?

One great way to define a goal is to match it with the library's mission statement or yearly goal. 

Your Social Media posts should reflect the desired goal.

Why Insights?

Evaluating your socail media presence is a very inexact science.  However, when you are investing your time into setting up posts and monitoring comments, you need to have something to show the value of it.  This is commonly referred to as ROI, or Return on Investment.  This is what administrators want to see and know.  How did your time on Social Media positively affect the library?  The following links are great places to start learning about Social Media Insights and how to use them.