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Tennessee Teen Tech Week Scavenger Hunt 2018




MARCH 2 - 11, 2018

               Friday is the beginning of THE MOST EXCITING THING YOUR TEENS HAVE EVER DONE: The Tennessee Teen Tech Week Scavenger Hunt 2018, or TTTWSH2018! (pronounced Tuh-twish2018!)

               TTTWSH2018 encourages your Teen Advisory Group to:

  • learn new technology skills;
  • volunteer at your library;
  • get creative and work together!

For the next week, they will work together to create scavenger hunt challenges from THE LIST using technology at your library.


  1. Items on THE LIST are worth different point values; teams may choose to do as many as possible, or may focus on only the highest point value items. However, accuracy and creativity will be taken into consideration. Teams should try to complete as many items as they can, but completion all of the items is not required.
  2. For each Scavenger Hunt item a team completes, they must document it by taking a picture or screenshot, making a 30-second video, or creating a web-linked item.
  3. Each item will be worth a specific amount of points, but extra points may be awarded by the judges for creativity and effort. The winner will be the team that collects the most points.
  4. Teams are to work on THE LIST items at the library. These are not individual challenges to be completed at home.
  5. At the end of the week, teams will submit their work electronically to be judged. (See submission guidelines below.)
  6. Guidance from library staff is encouraged, but teens should do all work for submission.


  • The TAB Team Name
  • The Library’s Name
  • The List Item Number being submitted

Send submissions to


               Friday, March 2: THE LIST is released at 3 pm.

               Saturday, March 3: Teen groups choose a name and start working on THE LIST

               Sunday, March 11: Final submission day! All entries must be in by 6 pm.

               Monday, March 19: Winner is announced

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Who is eligible to compete?

A: Members of your Teen group! This is intended to be a group effort, so all teens in your teen group will be considered as one team. Teams should choose a Team Name (but also identify the library they are associated with when submitting items). Only one team per library please.

Q: How long will this take? My Teen group only meets once a month/week/biennium.

A: It totally depends on your teens! You can devote a single meeting to TTTWSH2018, or your teens can work on THE LIST the whole week. It’s up to your teens! THE LIST will be released on a Friday afternoon so that any teams who want to meet Saturday morning will have plenty of time over the weekend to work, and final submissions are due on a Sunday evening, giving you two full weekends to participate. If your teen group doesn’t normally meet during March 2-11, then make that month’s meeting an exception!

Q: What if I don’t know how to use some of the technology that is on THE LIST?

A: That’s okay! Learning about the technology is part of the point of this scavenger hunt, so it is most important for the teens to learn how to use the tech!

Q: I only have a few teens that come to my library. They won’t be able to compete against large groups!

A: Oh sure they will! Extra points will be given for creativity and expertise. And again, the point is to learn new technology skills and HAVE FUN! And start recruiting for your TAB!

Q: I have too many teens! They can’t all work on one team together. Can’t they split up and have separate teams?

A: Sorry, one team per library. But they don’t all have to work on the same challenge. Divide up items from THE LIST and work separately. Help them work to use their strengths in the right places.

Q: So what is the prize?

A: A $700 MakerSpace for your library with a Makey Makey kit, SnapCircuits, a Pico Board, reference books about Making, and lots of other materials that will fill out your MakerSpace Starter Kit.


Are you excited? Do you have more questions? If so, email me at or call me at (615) 253-6445.    

(And if you’d like to see where I got the idea for this nonsense, check out GISHWHES: The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen at We aren’t that big or that weird – yet.)


Teen Tech Week Scavenger Hunt

March 3-11, 2018


  1. Make a collage of all participating Teen Advisory Board members dressed up in a theme. Label everyone by first name. Create the collage digitally at your library. (50 POINTS)
  2. Create a form to track creation and submission of your completed items in THE LIST. Send it with your final submission. (250 points)
  3. Correctly complete a World Book or Gale Database Scavenger Hunt. Screenshot the final page. (5 POINTS PER SCAVENGER HUNT – UP TO 100 POINTS)
  4. Email information about the Teen Tech Week Scavenger Hunt to your local newspaper. Screenshot the email in your “sent” folder. (10 POINTS)
  5. Write, perform, and record a song that can be used to advertise your library on its website or Facebook page. Provide a link to the song. (20 POINTS)
  6. Sign up at least 5 new people for your library’s Friends group. Take a picture of them signing up! (50 POINTS)
  7. Recreate the cover of your favorite DVD from your library. Use only paper to make your costumes and set. Send a photo of the cover. (25 POINTS)
  8. Build a recognizable structure out of books. Take a picture of it and display it next to the real structure (or a picture of the structure). (25 POINTS)
  9. Make a 30-second video showing how librarians are SUPERHEROES! (30 POINTS)
  10. Using your library’s 3D printer, create a tiny, tiny book. Take a picture of someone enjoying reading it. (30 POINTS)
  11. Using paper, create a tiny, tiny book. Take a picture of someone enjoying reading it. (30 POINTS)
  12. Ask a patron to let you help them answer a reference question. Videotape yourself finding the answer using a TEL database (Tennessee Electronic Library can be found at (Time lapse is acceptable.) (50 POINTS)
  13. Shoot a video demonstrating to a grandparent or friendly senior how to download a book from R.E.A.D.S. (25 POINTS)
  14. Help your librarians! Shoot a video of yourself shelving as many books as you can (properly!) in 30 seconds. (10 POINTS)
  15. Using the library’s computers, make a flyer to advertise TEL resources. Send an electronic copy of the document. (10 POINTS)
  16. Write and record a song that your librarian can teach children during Storytime. (25 POINTS)
  17. Find online books to use for storytime. Shoot a video showing where to find them. (10 POINTS)
  18. Create a Snapchat about your library. Send a video of you playing the Snapchat. (10 POINTS)
  19. Teach a librarian how to use Snapchat. Send a video of you teaching the librarian. (10 POINTS)
  20. Tweet about your library. Send a screenshot of the tweet. (5 POINTS PER DAY)
  21. Help your library set up a Twitter account. Send a screenshot of the account page. (5 POINTS)
  22. Create a teen services website for your library. Send the link. (50 POINTS)
  23. Download an ebook or audiobook from OverDrive or Libby and screenshot the cover of the downloaded book on your device. (25 POINTS)
  24. Create a Best eBooks list and write brief reviews for other teens; post on the library’s social media. Send a link to the social media post. (20 POINTS)
  25. Shoot a video of team members teaching another patron how to use one of these resources:
    1. OverDrive or Libby to check out READS (10 POINTS)
    2. A TEL database (10 POINTS)
    3. How to reserve a book through the online catalog (10 POINTS)
  26. Find THE MOST BORING BOOK in the juvenile NF collection. Look up how many times it has circulated – you’ll need to see a librarian for help with this one! Send a screenshot of the online catalog entry. (15 POINTS)
  27. Create stop motion animation using your phone’s camera and editing software the library has on its computers. (20 POINTS)
  28. Make Circuit art using old computer pieces. Send a photo. (10 POINTS)
  29. Download a newspaper article from the day you were born using an electronic database. Print it out and send a photo. (30  POINTS)
  30. Create a Best of List for one or more of the following: ebooks, databases, audiobooks, social media. Post the List on the library’s social media and send the link. (10 POINTS PER CATEGORY)
  31. Make a video of yourself creating Candy Art. (10 POINTS)
  32. Host a “How to Use Your Device” event. Send a 30-second video of the event. (50 POINTS)
  33. Hold a retro gaming event. Send a 30-second video of the event. (50 POINTS)
  34. Create a Teen Tech Week Bingo game on the computer, then print it out for other patrons to play. Send a 30-second video of the creation of the game and someone playing the game. (20 POINTS)
  35. Create book list that includes books w/tech elements. Post the list on the library’s social media and send the link. (10 POINTS)
  36. Make a book trailer for the library’s social media. Send the link. (20 POINTS)
  37. Go on a Selfie Adventure. Create a High Tech scavenger hunt where patrons have to identify the tech available at the library, and take pictures of someone using it. Send a 30-second video of the creation of the scavenger hunt AND pictures of someone on the hunt! (75 POINTS)




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