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Holston River Regional Library: 2018 Tech Grant

Libguide for the Libraries in the Holston River Region.

2018 Tech Grant application

The Tennessee State Library and Archives is pleased to provide a grant opportunity to public libraries across Tennessee for their technology needs. This grant is supported in part by the U. S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act.

The 2018 Technology Grant is available for public libraries to replace or purchase technology for use by staff or the public.  Grant funds are available for the following:

  • Computers

  • Software

  • Networking hardware

  • Peripherals

 Grant awards are in the amount of up to $20,000.00, and each grant will require a 50% local match.    The Grant will run from October 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018. 

Note: As this is a contractual grant, all contracts will have to be signed and received by the Library and Archives prior to funds being available. 

 Applications can be sent via e-mail, fax, or mail, as we do not require original signatures to be submitted.  Please send all applications to the following:

Jennifer Cowan-Henderson
Director of Planning and Development
Tennessee State Library and Archives
403 7th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37243
ph: 615-741-1923
fax: 615-532-9904

Deadline for applications is July 7, 2017

Order Tech Grant Items from State Contract

Pomeroy It Solutions

Attn: Jeff Dunn

717 Airpark Center Drive Nashville TN 37217

Contact Phone: 615-922-3931

FAX: 866-539-9025

Contact Email:


Look for the contract number that ends in 42772

2018 Technology Grant Reports


 The reports that will be required are:

  •  Financial report
  • User report
  • Installation report
  • Narrative report

 These reports will be sent to you and will be due by May 15, 2018, and can be sent via fax, e-mail, or postal mail. 

The 2018 Tech Grant application is now available for submission!

The 2018 Tech Grant application is now available for submission!


For those of you who are not familiar with the grant, it is a 50/50 matching grant for any public library in the state to purchase computers, printers, mobile devices, and other technology.  While many libraries use the grant to purchase replacement hardware and software, it is also an opportunity to try out something new and innovative for your community.


This is a reimbursement-style contractual grant.  How does that work?  Once the awards have been determined and approved, a contract will be sent to you for signature.  When the contract is fully signed, then your funds will be available to you and as you send in copies of your invoices, we will review them and as approved as eligible purchases, we will reimburse you 50% of each invoice until your full grant award has been received.


We have an additional question to those libraries in the regional system on page 7 that will directly affect your grant award.  Number 8 – How many current board members have completed the Tennessee Trustee Certification Program?  We are retaining the other questions that we asked last year (numbers 6 & 7).


A note about indirect cost:         

We are still asking if you want part of your grant award to go toward indirect cost (such as the time it took you to fill out the application, the electricity and printing toner and paper it took to print it off, etc.). You can automatically get 10%, but if your city/county has negotiated for a higher percentage, you’ll need to include that paperwork. You can also choose to not include any indirect cost, which means that all of your grant award can be spent towards purchasing what technology you requested. Any indirect cost will come from your grant award – you will not be awarded more because you chose to include indirect cost. So, if you are awarded $1,000.00 and want 10% to go toward indirect cost, you will have $900.00 to spend for your equipment, and the other $100.00 will be reimbursed once the other $900.00 has been spent. Indirect cost is only available with Federal funds.  If your grants is awarded with State funds only, indirect cost is not an option.


There will be a pdf version of the application up on our website shortly:

The deadline to apply is July 7th.  You can fax, e-mail, or mail your application in.  Please note: if you mail your application in, it will need to physically be here by July 7th, as we will not accept late submissions, even if postmarked by 7/7.


If you have questions about the grant, how it works, what is eligible, or anything else, please feel free to contact Jennifer Cowan-Henderson. 


Jennifer Cowan-Henderson

Director of Planning and Development

State E-rate Coordinator for Public Libraries

Tennessee State Library and Archives

Office of Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett

403 7th Avenue North

Nashville, TN 37243

p 615-741-1923

f 615-532-9904



This grant is supported in part by the Office of the Secretary of State and the U. S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act.

Instructions for Retrieval of Grant Funds

Instructions for Retrieval of Grant Funds


Once your contract has been received and the proper signatures obtained, it will be input into our payment system. After input into the State payment system, your funds will be available for reimbursement.  A copy of your fully signed contract will be returned to you.


To request reimbursement, please fax or e-mail your invoice to the grant monitor for your region if you are library within the region or to Raye Ann Simmons if you are a library not in the regional system.  Your reimbursement request will be processed and payment should be deposited into the account you designated in your ACH form within 5-10 business days. A list of grant monitors is below.


Regional Grant Monitors 1-855-692-8186


Holston River

Whitney Nelson –


Independent Libraries and Metros 931-528-4303


Raye Ann Simmons –


Each invoice will be reimbursed up to half of the total amount, depending on how much is remaining in your grant amount.  This is due to the grant being a 50/50 matching grant. As payments are processed, you will receive an updated financial sheet reflecting the invoices received up to that point, and what is remaining.  This is being provided to allow you to verify that all invoices sent have been processed, and as a check against your grant tracking.


All invoices must have dates between October 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018.