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Holston River Regional Library: Ordering

Libguide for the Libraries in the Holston River Region.
Please note that State Funds will be available starting on a date TBD in August for Fiscal Year 20-21.  If you have questions about purchasing materials or need any assistance, please contact Ambrea Johnson at 423-232-2283.

FY20-21 Ordering Guidelines

Holston River Ordering Guidelines FY 20-21

1. When naming your list, include your 3-letter library code, State or Federal code, material type, and date.

2. Lists should be separated by material type.  Orders will not be placed if they are mixed materials without prior permission from the Technical Services Assistant.

  • Adult Fiction and Adult non-fiction can be on the same list.
  • Large print titles, whether adult or youth, must be on a separate list.
  • Children's, Youth, and Teen titles can be on the same list.
  • Audiobooks and DVDs can be on the same list.

3. No backorders are allowed.  If you place an order that contains a title with a publication date past our deadlines, it will be canceled.

4. Minimum of 10 titles or $100 per list (unless otherwise approved by the Technical Services Assistant).

5. Federal Funds may only be spent on Audio/Visual materials; Children's and Young Adult materials; and Large Print materials.  Regular print adult fiction and non-fiction may not be purchased with Federal money.  However, there are no restrictions on State Funds.


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