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Excel 2010

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Did you know?

Did you know, you can use Alt + = (Alt plus the equal keys) to sum a column or row?

Select the cell where you want the resulting sum. Press Alt + = (then enter to complete the formula) and your total will appear!

Free Tutorials

Free Excel Tutorials


Link to free Excel Tutorials

Wall Street Mojo is a training site for financial professionals. They have a marvelous set of free tutorials at:

Links to archived Excel webinars

Excel Hours #3

Freeze panes, Comments, Find & Replace, Sort, Filter, Text to Columns / Concatenate, View same workbook in 2 windows, Re-arrange columns, Hide & Unhide columns


Excel Hour #4

Formatting your worksheet. Font style, size & color. Text Alignment, Formatting numbers, Insert picture, Call Outs, Format Painter, Printing (margins, center, gridelines, shrink-to-fit)


Excel Hour #5

Working with multiple sheets. Summarizing three ways (Paste Special, Building a Formula, Consolidate dialog box). Moving and copying sheets. Hyperlinks


Excel Hour #6


All things charting! If your goal is to convey the greatest number of ideas in the smallest amount of space with the least amount of words, charting is for you! We'll talk about one-click charts, changing chart types, and formatting along with some visualization techniques.


Excel Hour #7


Finally! We're arrived at Pivot Tables. In this session we built both pivot tables and charts, formatting the data, grouping, and manipulating it to meet our needs.

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