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Homelessness: Home

Information for TN Library Staff access to the Homelessness Training by Ryan Dowd

How big is the homeless problem in Tennessee?

Approximately 8,000 adults in Tennessee are homeless on any given day.

Some will visit your library. Are you ready?

Homelessness training from Ryan Dowd can help!


Here’s are answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. The training is a series of online videos available 24 hours, 7 days a week from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.
  2. To access the training your director will need to submit your name, email and library to Once your name has been uploaded to the training site you can establish a password and begin watching the videos.There is a form below (Name Access Sheet) that will help facilitate this process.
  3. Each person registering will require a unique email address. Training progress is tracked using your email as your login.
  4. Training modules are videos (with the script printed below) that take between three and seven minutes. It’s easy to pop in and pop out as your schedule demands. Completing the entire course takes approximately three hours.
  5. There is a workbook that accompanies the videos making it easy for you to take notes and keep track of your place in the training.
  6. A final quiz will verify that you have completed the training.
  7. You will be awarded four hours of continuing education credit for completing the training.

This training is appropriate for individuals or staff training events.

You are encouraged to invite friends and trustees to view the training either indivdually or as a group. Make it an event! The format is easy to adapt to a variety of training scenarios.

How to get started

Ask your director to submit your name, library and email address to TSLA. ( To facilitate this step an Excel sheet entitled Name Access has been provided below.

Once you have been approved you will receive an email with login links and instructions. Complete the course. In the last few modules you will be provided with an opportunity to download a Certificate of Completion. Keep this for your continuing education records. The very last module is an invitation to join Ryan's listserv so that you can receive weekly tips and hints. This is optional, but will help you review the material.

We encourage you to download the workbook offered in the first module. The workbook will make taking notes easier, as well as helping you pick up where you left off should you be interrupted or choose to view the modules over a longer period of time.

Training Link

Access to the training must be approved prior to logging in to the training. Once you have your login and temporary password you can gain access to the course via the following link: