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Obion River Regional Library

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8:00 - 4:30

The Obion River Regional Library Crew

Group photograph Back row left to right: Laura Reaves, CJ Sullivan, Lana Coates   Front row left to right: Jenny Virgin, Mary Carpenter

How to Phone Us

Main Number:


 Call Directly:

Mary Carpenter, Director

 731-364-4593   Email


 Jenny Gillihan, Assistant Director

 731-364-4594    Email


Lana Coates, Administrative Assistant

 731-364-4591    Email


 Laura Reaves, Technical Services Assistant

 731-364-4592   Email


Chad Miller, Library Information Systems Specialist

1-855-692-8185‚Äč    Email


C.J. Sullivan, Library Information Systems Specialist II

 615-532-9123    Email


Toll Free:

855-692-8186, Option 6

Technology Call Center:


Fax - 731-364-4536

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Verso Helpdesk

VERSO Helpdesk

800.852.8686 -

Obion River Regional Training & InServices 2019-2020

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The Natural Beauty of the Obion River Region

great blue heron wading in Kentucky Lake

"Great Blue Heron" by sniggie is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 @ Kentucky Lake